While studying electrical engineering I noticed that a lot of fellow students had difficulties with the analog design classes. Since I never experienced the subjects to be very difficult, I wondered if the actual difficulty lay in the classes themselves. To see if this was the case I performed research on how to communicate knowledge and skills and designed new analog design classes based on that research.


The classes were radically different from the existing classes. The "flipped classroom" principle was used as a basis for the course design. The weekly theory was communicated via video lessons that students had to watch prior to the classes. During the classes the students had to apply the new theory by performing a design minded practical. This way the newly acquired knowledge is applied immediately and the teacher can spend almost the entire class on helping and coaching the students where necessary.


Fontys University was very enthusiastic about the newly designed classes and allowed me to run a pilot for one semester. The results were very positive. Students were highly motivated, felt more in control of their learning process and outperformed the other classes (that still followed the traditional classes) on their exams.