This interactive coffee installation is made for Z33, a museum for Moderin art in Hasselt, Belgium. The concept and physical installation is made by Cream on Chrome. They reached out to me to design and implement the required electronics.


It is an installation where the user needs to put in some physical effort (pumping water, grinding coffee) in return for a fresh karaf of coffee. The user will be guided by subtle warm white lights during the interaction. The big showpiece is a 1 meter wide curved led panel at the top of the installation that contains over 600 individually LEDs.


The main goal was wo make the installation safe and reliable. To realise this a custom PCB was designed. This PCB of just 12x10cm contained all connections, circuitry and processing for all the LEDs, pumps, boiler, coffee grinder, weight sensor, flow meters and more. On top of that the circuit board was designed to work as a standalone firmware prototyping tool to allow for a smooth implementation of the electronics in the installation.


Although there were already some early prototypes of this installation, the electronics for this project were designed from the ground up. I used the following techniques to realise this result:
-Electronic system design

-PCB design

-Embedded programming

-Digital circuit design

-Analog circuit design



©Selma Gurbuz for Z33 on all pictures related to the Coffee Machine.

Video about the coffee maker made by Cream on Chrome.  Read the full story on their website.