This project was a collaboration initiated and coordinated by Frolic Studio. The project was started around the idea that we all wanted to contribute something to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.


The idea was to make a guide so people can make themselves a UV-C decontamination box which can be used to decontaminate facemasks and other essential protective material.s UV-C light is a very effective and simple way The project was completely open source and non-profit.
The full description and videos can be seen on Frolic's website.


My job within this project was to provide the formula that can be used to calculate the required exposure time for each setup, based on the Uv power and the box dimensions. The calculations can be downloaded here.


This formula is later used by the web developper to create an online calculation tool so everyone can easily calculate the required exposure time for their specific setup.


Although my contribution to the project was rather small, it felt good to contribute towards a possible solution for the shortage of facemasks, which was quite urgent at the time.


For this project I only used the following techniques:


Schematic image of the decontamination toolkit
all images by Frolic Studio


The required materials for the decontamination toolkit